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In 2016, spending on health care in Canada amounted to approximately $228.1 billion (or an average of $6,299 per person). In several provinces and territories health care spending per capita surpassed $7,000. These amounts represent a significant economic commitment to spending on health care. And while many of the costs associated with maintaining and providing health care are unavoidable, there are also many external factors that adversely affect physical and mental health that, if addressed, can offer avenues for reduced spending and contribute to quality of life. This summary report explores the relationship between health issues, civil and family justice problems in Canada and public spending on health care. Using findings from the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice’s (CFCJ) national Everyday Legal Problems and the Cost of Justice in Canada study this report will look at different civil justice problem types, identify trigger problems and explore an often overlooked factor that impacts physical and mental health and public spending on health care in Canada: civil and family justice problems.

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