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Georgetown Law Journal. Volume 59, Issue 2 (1970), p. 249-304.


The growth of the mutual funds industry in the last thirty years has been spectacular, both in the United States and in Canada. Although a superficial comparison of the industries in these countries might indicate a high degree of similarity, the industry in Canada operates 'within a surprisingly different framework, both from the standpoint of regulation and taxation. The effect of this framework on fund behavior, however, is not easily predictable. This in-depth examination of the Canadian mutual funds industry describes the framework 'within which that industry operates and the resulting effects on fund behavior. In doing so, it provides the basis for a comparison between the mutual funds industry of Canada and that of the United States which, at least by inference, suggests that certain patterns of fund behavior may be endemic to the industry, whether it be Canadian or American, and, accordingly, in regulating that industry that there are certain factors worthy of consideration, no matter where in North America the industry is operating.

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