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Michigan Law Review. Volume 89, Number 6 (1991), p. 1549-1573.


Twilight is upon us. As the contemporary continuance of the Enlightenment project, modernity has had its day. Its erstwhile, champions' efforts to establish a combination of authenticity and authority as the ground for Truth and Justice – that individuals can only give meaning and value to their own lives by locating and expressing their own self-identity – have proved to be misplaced. A modernist deliverance from doubt and uncertainty remains a tantalizing, but.receding prospect. The sun of Truth is unfailingly hazy and in danger of total eclipse, resembling more a fading battery of artful floodlights. Everything loses its iridescence and is reduced to a dull pastiche of bland on bland. In a way of speaking, Minerva's owl has flown the philosophical coop entirely. No longer taking its crepuscular flights of fancy, Wisdom's bird has abandoned Western attempts to locate a fixed.

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