How the IP Strategy Could Transform Canadian Innovation

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It was a “hallelujah moment,” so to speak, when the Government of Canada announced its national Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy, highlighting IP as a priority for the country. After decades of neglect, IP is finally getting the attention it rightly deserves from Ottawa. The IP Strategy, announced on February 27, 2018, in the 2018 federal budget, promises $85.3 million over five years with $10 million yearly after that to support the strategy.

The IP Strategy underscores the need to ensure Canadians are IP-savvy and able to compete in today’s new big-data, tech-driven and knowledge-based economy. While the government highlights conventional mechanisms such as law reform, there is a welcome focus on fixing the very system of IP in Canada. Canadian policy makers must be attentive to the institutional frameworks and socio-cultural and economic processes relating to IP from the very early inventive stages to the later commercialization stages and must craft solutions and provide resources to improve the IP system.

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Centre for International Governance and Innovation