Today It's Mandatory Music. Tomorrow It's Removing Hijabs

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“My kids cannot participate in music or drama, that’s for sure,” said Mohammad Nouman Dasu, a Toronto Muslim parent who wants to withdraw his children from such classes at a public school. The controversy attracted national attention after the Globe and Mail reported the story earlier this month.

Here they go again. Muslims just don't give up on trying to change Canadian values - at least that’s the impression left by some commentators who have attacked Dasu’s choice.

Many have labelled him “narrow-minded,” “backward,” “absurd,” or “extremist”. One only needs to ask how many practices of others - religious or otherwise - cannot be labelled as such by outside observers. Contrary to many parents, I for one think allowing children into the boxing ring or football field is absurd and not in the best interest of the child, given the proven risk of concussion.

Sadly, many Canadian Muslims are also quick to speak out against this man's right to practice his religion according to his sincerely held beliefs. Understandably, they are worried about the potential backlash. Several have written and spoken out against him. Indeed, they need to be seen as "moderate," promoting a more palatable version of Islam.

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Middle East Eye