How Trump May Make America Sane Again

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Troubles are ahead for sure, but America is not doomed. The world as we know it will not end this week. Those who believe otherwise underestimate the constraints on presidential powers, don’t appreciate the wisdom of the separation of powers doctrine, exaggerate the difference between the two candidates and assume that all those who voted for Donald Trump support his full package.

As a Canadian Muslim often confused for a Latino working under a NAFTA visa (attacked by Trump) in Republican-dominated Indiana, home of Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, this U.S. election felt like it was all about me.

In his self-proclaimed mission to “make America great again,” Trump labelled Latinos as rapists, criminals and killers, and called for a wall to stop the influx from Mexico. It was apparently not a problem when these underpaid, overworked and undocumented Latino folk were working for his many enterprises.

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Toronto Star