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UK website posting for International Women's Day


In 2018, women have succeeded in becoming barristers and solicitors, as well as judges, and many women law graduates engage in legal work in government, universities, and private corporations. In the context of International Women’s Day, their successes should be celebrated.

More widely, we should remember and celebrate the women who challenged their exclusion from the legal professions and began to press for change in many countries in the 19th and early-20th centuries; they became the ‘first women’ to succeed in many different legal contexts. Equally important are the many stories of women who failed to break through the often formidable opposition within the legal professions.

The patterns in the stories of these earlier generations of women in law remain significant in 2018. As several legal scholars have suggested, the challenges faced by women lawyers today sometimes continue to reflect exclusionary patterns in the legal professions, and not only in relation to gender. In 2018 we are faced with a wider question about what impact increasing diversity will have on the practice of law, on legal rules and concepts, and on the roles of lawyers in our society.