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The Lawyer's Daily


A Canadian luggage company has been dealt a blow after the Federal Court of Appeal ruled several of its logos would be “likely to cause confusion” with the trademark of a Swiss company specializing in goods marked with a symbol resembling the cross on the Swiss flag.

The decision in Group III International Ltd. v. Travelway Group International Ltd. 2017 FCA 215, released Nov. 6, stems from a complaint Swiss-based Wenger S.A. and its affiliates, Group III International Ltd. and Holiday Group Inc., brought against Montreal-based luggage manufacturer Travelway Group International Ltd. The Wenger group, which manufactures “Swiss Gear” luggage and uses a Swiss flag logo through global licensee Group III International, claimed similar marks used by Travelway bore too close a resemblance to their logo.


Article is written by Ian Burns with commentary by Prof. David Vaver.