Retiring Osgoode Dean Contemplates Future of Legal Education

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The Lawyer's Daily


Even though he has unfinished goals, Lorne Sossin said this semester is the right time to end his tenure as dean of Osgoode Hall.

“You should never leave positions when you are ready to go. That’s always past your best-before date, and I’m certainly not retiring as an academic or a member of the Osgoode faculty or somebody involved in initiatives I care a lot about. It’s stepping aside from the dean’s role, which after eight years, if you haven’t got some key things advanced in that time, the chances it’s all going to come together in your ninth year is pretty unlikely,” he told The Lawyer’s Daily.

I felt this was a good run … and I wanted to make sure to both make room for new blood and also be able to have some reserves of energy for other projects, which after a bit of a leave ... to recharge my own batteries, I’m very much looking forward to getting more involved with.”


This article is written by Carolyn Gruske with commentary by Prof. Lorne Sossin.