Will Canada Finally Deal with Its Afghan War Skeletons?

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The Globe and Mail


Erna Paris is the author of The Sun Climbs Slow: The International Criminal Court and the Struggle for Justice.

Eugene Ionesco's comic play, Amédée, featuring a "corpse" in a closet that extends grotesque members during an urbane dinner party, was almost certainly intended to spoof the blindness of the French to their wartime collaboration with the Nazis; but the playwright's metaphor can be extended to other willful hidings, including one now facing the government of Canada.

Canada's unexamined role in transferring captured Afghans to notorious prisons where they were certain to be tortured is another stubborn entity that keeps popping out of the cupboard. Both former prime minister Stephen Harper and current PM Justin Trudeau have tried to ignore the unwelcome visitor, but it will not be snubbed.


Article is written by Erna Paris with commentary by Prof. Craig Scott.