Will the Shooting Death of Michael MacIsaac Finally Change Police Use of Force Training in Ontario?

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Michael MacIsaac was experiencing symptoms of postictal psychosis when he was spotted running naked through his Ajax neighbourhood on a cold day in December 2013, reportedly after confronting his wife and sister-in-law. Several neighbours reported him to police.

He was holding a metal leg from a patio table he had broken on a neighbour's porch when three Durham Regional police officers arrived on the scene. He was shot within 12 seconds of their arrival, twice in the chest by Constable Brian Taylor after advancing toward the officer. MacIsaac died in hospital the next day. According to the province's Special Investigations Unit, which cleared Taylor of any wrongdoing, MacIsaac "confronted three separate motorists," one of them with a rock, before his encounter with police.

It's an all too familiar story for families who've had loved ones die in encounters with police.