Windsor Student Group Helps Homeless With ID Project

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The Lawyer's Daily


Having valid identification documents — such as a birth certificate, health card or provincial photo ID — is vital for anybody wanting to access government services, or even to perform the basic tasks of finding a job or a place to live. Many people who are living on the streets, however, are no longer in possession of their ID, which further disenfranchises them from society.

The Windsor Law Chapter of Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) is looking to rectify that situation and to help the homeless obtain all of the identification they require.

Beginning on Oct. 25, and taking place on every other Wednesday evening between 5 and 8, the students will be at the Downtown Mission of Windsor running an ID clinic. Dubbed the Windsor ID Project, the students, who are under the supervision of volunteer lawyers, will assist the mission’s clients in filling out the necessary forms to obtain their government-issued ID. And thanks to a $1,000 grant from the Windsor faculty of law, the students will be able to pay the fees necessary to obtain some of the identification cards (such as Ontario photo ID cards and birth certificates).