Aboriginal Youth-Driven Workshop Proposes Apps For More Accessible Justice System

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In Thunder Bay, from August 22-24, more than 25 Ontario Aboriginal youths, aged 16-25, took part in a design-thinking workshop to discuss technology-based approaches to improve police relations and the justice system. Organized by Osgoode’s Winkler Institute and funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, “Aboriginal Youth: Designing a Better Justice System” served as a supportive environment for Aboriginal youth to join forces in working towards implementing the recommendations found in a 2014 action plan.

That action plan—“Justice and Juries—A First Nations Youth Action Plan for Justice”—is the result of a forum held in 2014 for Aboriginal youth to voice their concerns and opinions. It proposes 39 recommendations to rehabilitate the relationship between the justice system and the Aboriginal community.

The action plan underlines the perspective and innovation that youth contribute to make the justice system more accessible to the Indigenous community. The Thunder Bay workshop served as a stepping stone to realize this potential.