Generation Lex: Law Schools Seek Balance Between Theory and Practice

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Financial Post


Traditional bastions of legal learning are moving with the times by incorporating a more practical approach to legal education, yet critics say that they have not moved far enough or quickly enough to keep up with the changes enveloping the profession.

The debate puts academic study in one corner of the ring and practical knowledge in the other. Proponents on both sides insist there’s necessity and space for both approaches, but they differ on the size, placement and content that each should occupy in the law school curriculum.

“I think the attempt to juxtapose academic study and practical knowledge may miss why many of these innovations have been developed, which is to bring together academic study and practical knowledge along with the development of legal professionalism, rather than emphasize one at the expense of the other,” said Lorne Sossin, dean of Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto.