Law School On Trial: Obiter Dicta's Student Survey


Michael Motala

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CBA National


It’s the first week in November and newly crisp outside. Toronto’s financial district is invaded by the latest cohort of second-year law students vying for the dream. Adorning freshly pressed suits and womenswear, everyone looks the part. Bay St. lawyers do not hire students like other professionals. The law recruit is an idiosyncratic game of cloak and dagger. It’s the “make or break” moment for those aspiring to a career in Big Law. While starting salaries have not changed in nearly a decade, first-year associates still take home $100,000 a year — not as much as New York firms, to be sure, but participants are desperate. Student debt levels across the province have sky rocketed because of U of T Law’s unrelenting tuition increases. Candidates play along or get cut. If they are unlucky, the personal cost is immense.