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Master of Laws (LLM)

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Heidi Matthews


This thesis explores how digital feminist activism sparked, using as a case study #YoTeCreo movement in Venezuela. Using the FemMesh to connect feminists knowledges, nodes and entanglements together with a transnationalized intersectionality, I discuss how this digital activism occurred locally. As this topic is novel and this thesis is exploratory, I combine the theoretical framework mentioned before together with feminist qualitative methodology by interviewing the leaders of #YoTeCreo and answer my research question. I concluded that the spark of #YoTeCreo in Venezuela is a combination of different factors and it is not a transplantation of the #MeToo movement from North to South. Even though the #MeToo was a reference to #YoTeCreo, the cross-border movements of ideas, persons, and places; the role of media and entertainment; the role of migrant women; the feeling of hartazgo, a sense of empathy, and sorority were important and entangled factors linked to the spark of this movement.


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