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Isaac Yoryor

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I am very grateful to Canada for what it has done for impoverished people, refugees, and immigrants from all over the world; as a Christian refugee who has benefited from this country’s generosity, I feel an obligation to give back in my own special way. It is my hope to describe a refugee parent’s perspective of Canada’s child welfare system.

Throughout the world, Canada is held in high esteem for its social services and respect for cultural differences, often making it an ideal refuge. Many newcomers have experienced suffering and deprivation before immigrating to Canada, and many believe they can live their dreams when they arrive. However, their dreams are often not given an opportunity to become reality because of systemic racism, which I understand to be a form of intentional marginalization. This injustice is especially prominent in the child welfare system, which faces criticism from different advocacy groups due to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and African Canadian children in state care.

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