The Dignity of Law : The Legacy of Justice Louis LeBel


The Dignity of Law : The Legacy of Justice Louis LeBel



Intellectually generous. Prolific. Warm and decent. These are just some of the phrases editors Dwight Newman and Malcolm Thorburn use to describe retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice Louis LeBel in the introduction to The Dignity of Law: The Legacy of Justice Louis LeBel. This new volume of essays examines Justice LeBel's legacy both as a man and as a civilian judge operating in a bijural country. With contributions from some of Canada's most eminent legal scholars, this book provides valuable insight into the considerable impact Justice LeBel's judicial approach and decisions have had on the Canadian legal landscape.

A comprehensive perspective The essays in The Dignity of Law: The Legacy of Justice Louis LeBel celebrate His Honour's contributions to the legal developments in a great many areas of Canadian law. The book is divided into four sections: Justice LeBel – The Man; Justice LeBel – The Civilian Jurist; Justice LeBel on Law and Public Policy; and Justice LeBel on Fundamental Principles. Taken together, the perspectives of the various authors offer a comprehensive look at this esteemed jurist's career on the bench.

In particular, readers of this work will gain a better understanding of Justice LeBel through the:

  • Papers in both English and French, from contributors with common law and/or civil law backgrounds, reflecting Canada's bilingual and bijural realities, as well as its cultural diversity
  • Examination of Justice Louis LeBel's roles and perspectives as displayed and expressed in his various judicial capacities and appointments
  • Reflections from the country's leading legal scholars on Justice LeBel's landmark judgments in a variety of areas of law, including criminal law, private international law, family law, bankruptcy law, administrative law, labour law, tax law and others



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Markham, ON




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Newman, Dwight and Malcolm Thorburn. The dignity of law : the legacy of Justice Louis LeBel. Markham, ON: Oxford University Press, 2015. Print.

The Dignity of Law : The Legacy of Justice Louis LeBel

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