Families and the Law: Cases and Commentary, Second Edition


Families and the Law: Cases and Commentary, Second Edition


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Significantly revised and completely updated (to 31 March 2015), the second edition of Families and the Law continues to offer readers an in-depth discussion of issues in family law within a socio-legal context. It examines legal regulation of families and family members in three main contexts: the formation of families (through relationships of marriage or cohabitation, or the creation of parent–child relationships), legal intervention in intact families (including responsibilities for care and protection of children, domestic violence and elder abuse), and the dissolution of families at divorce or separation (including issues about family law bargaining and other forms of dispute resolution, and legal issues concerning property sharing, ongoing custody and care of children, and spousal and child support). Throughout the book, there are references to critical, comparative, and interdisciplinary literature about family law, opportunities for applying principles and engaging in problem solving, and questions and commentary about the need for legal and social change in relation to family law issues.

For all who study family law in Canada, this book is an invaluable resource — providing a highly comprehensive treatment of “families” and “law,” as well as an informed and critical context for understanding both the history and more contemporary and future challenges for such relationships.

A class-tested, carefully-considered collection of cases and commentary, Families and the Law is a stimulating learning resource, perfect as a primary or secondary text for courses on family law, legal studies, and law and society programs, and an invaluable resource for all who study family law in Canada.



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Captus Press


Concord, ON


Domestic relations--Cases; Canada; Ontario


Family Law


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Mossman, Mary Jane. Families and the Law: Cases and Commentary, Second Edition. Concord, ON: Captus Press, 2015. Print.

Families and the Law: Cases and Commentary, Second Edition