Constitutional Law, 4th Edition


Constitutional Law, 4th Edition


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The fourth edition of Constitutional Law represents a significant update of the third edition, published in 2006. During this period, the Supreme Court of Canada has continued to develop the jurisprudence in all areas of constitutional law, particularly the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the law as it relates to federalism and Aboriginal rights. The book includes the complete text of the Canadian Constitution, including explanatory footnotes as consolidated by the federal Department of Justice.

Previous editions of the book were written by Professor Monahan. Prior to commencing work on this revision, Professor Monahan invited Mr. Byron Shaw to join him as a co-author. This fourth edition is their joint project. As with earlier editions, the aim of this text is to provide lawyers, academics, and law students with a general introduction to, and overview of, the basic elements of the Canadian Constitution. to the authors discuss issues in sufficient detail such that the book will be of value to lawyers who encounter constitutional issues in their daily practice. The book has been cited with approval by provincial and territorial appellate courts as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.



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Irwin Law


Toronto, Ontario


Constitutional law; Constitutional history; Canada


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Monahan, Patrick J., and Byron Shaw. Constitutional Law, 4th Edition. Toronto, Ontario: Irwin Law, 2013. Print.

Constitutional Law, 4th Edition