Osgoode's Annual Constitutional Cases Conference


Constitutional Cases (Pt 6) | The Reach and Range of Judicial Review (Panel C)


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The 26th iteration of the Constitutional Cases conference was held on Friday, April 14, 2023. Osgoode Hall Law School’s Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, recognized as the leading constitutional law conference in Canada, brings together many highly respected constitutional scholars, lawyers, students, and experts for an insightful and practical analysis of the Supreme Court’s significant constitutional judgments of the past year.

Panel C | The Reach and Range of Judicial Review Panelists will consider a range of legal means – including, the Notwithstanding Clause, and legislation like the Alberta Sovereignty Act and Ontario’s Strong Mayor Law - increasingly relied upon to shield legislation from judicial review.


00:04:48 Professor Alexandra Flynn, UBC Allard School of Law

00:26:15 Dean Robert Leckey, McGill Faculty of Law

00:41:05 Professor Eric Adams, University of Alberta Faculty of Law

Chair: Professor Emily Kidd White, Osgoode Hall Law School