Osgoode's Annual Constitutional Cases Conference


Constitutional Cases (Pt 2) | Charter Equality, Indigeneity and Sentencing in R v Sharma 2022 SCC 39


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The 26th iteration of the Constitutional Cases conference was held on Friday, April 14, 2023. Osgoode Hall Law School’s Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, recognized as the leading constitutional law conference in Canada, brings together many highly respected constitutional scholars, lawyers, students, and experts for an insightful and practical analysis of the Supreme Court’s significant constitutional judgments of the past year.

Plenary I: Charter Equality, Indigeneity and Sentencing in R v Sharma 2022 SCC 39 The path of section 15 doctrine has been a perennial topic at this conference. This year’s Sharma decision underscored existing divergent approaches on the court to section 15. Sharma, which includes a section 7 claim, also brought the Charter to questions looming large in contemporary discussion, including approaches to incarceration, the role of sentencing judges, the institutional competence of courts versus legislatures and last but not least legal responses to the impact of colonialism on contemporary lives.


00:04:55 Alana Robert, McCarthy Tétrault LLP 00:15:05 Professors Jennifer Koshan and Lisa Silver (and Jonnette Watson Hamilton), University of Calgary, Faculty of Law

00:37:11 Professors Debra Parkes, UBC Allard School of Law and Sonia Lawrence, Osgoode Hall Law School Chair: Professor Bruce Ryder, Osgoode Hall Law School