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Accounting Standards; Comparative Corporate Governance; Corporate Governance Reform; Enron; Path Dependency


The book under review, After Enron, edited by John Armour and Joseph McCahery, and published by Hart in 2006, presents an excellent and timely collection of observations of the Enron debacle, provided by some of the most astute and informed scholars, and masterfully integrated by two of the finest academics in this field. The editors, Dr John Armour, originally of the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge and Member of the Cambridge Centre for Business Research, since 1 July 2007 the Lovells Professor of Law and Finance, and Professor Joseph McCahery, formerly at the University of Tilburg, now of the University of Amsterdam, have succeeded in collecting, conceptualizing and organizing a most comprehensive and intriguing collection of excellent writings on Enron and its aftermath. Their book can aptly serve for a first-blush as for a more in-depth analysis of the problems, whether in research or in teaching of company law courses. Yet, beyond this achievement, the editors are also importantly contributing to a debate, which has for some time now emphasized the need to take a deliberately comparative viewpoint when analyzing the trajectories of corporate law development around the world.