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As part of the Civil Justice System and the Public (CJSP), a national collaborative research project, we first visited Iqaluit in June 2003. At that time the Research Coordinator met with key contacts in the Nunavut justice and social service community to talk about the research and make plans for conducting the field research. As a result of these initial meetings, the CJSP team made contact with Inuit services in Ottawa. In July 2003, during the Ontario phase of the CJSP research, we met Inuit service providers and several Nunavummiut who were at that time living in Ottawa.1 In September 2003, the CJSP Research Team came to Iqaluit and over a period of two weeks completed 28 in-depth interviews. Eighteen people (eleven women and seven men) worked within the justice community and included members of the judiciary as well as court administration and frontline staff. We also interviewed ten members of the public (two women and eight men) who were either personally involved in court cases at varying stages of resolution, or acting as community advocates to people with legal problems. In order to increase the team’s understanding of Nunavut, researchers also compiled observation notes and held many informal conversations with Iqaluit residents as well as key contacts in some other Nunavut communities.

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