What we do

The Canada Climate Law Initiative examines the legal basis for corporate directors, officers and pension fiduciaries to consider, manage, and report on climate-related financial risks and opportunities, advancing knowledge on effective climate governance practice and exploring the scope and limits of fiduciary obligation in respect of climate change.

Who we are

The Canada Climate Law Initiative is a cross-disciplinary research initiative, with principal investigators Dr. Janis Sarra and Dr. Carol Liao, Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia and Professor Cynthia Williams, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. Professors Sarra and Williams are also the Canadian principal investigators for the global Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (Oxford University, UK).


Submissions from 2020

A Transition Financing Taxonomy for Canada– Insights from the Global Climate Bond Initiative, Canada Climate Law Initiative

Audit Committees and Climate-related Financial Risk – Do you know your role as an audit committee member?, Canada Climate Law Initiative

Fiduciary Obligations with Respect to Climate Change-Carol Hansell and Catherine McCall, Canada Climate Law Initiative

Post-Pandemic Opportunities to Finance a Sustainable Society, Canada Climate Law Initiative

Putting Climate Change Risk on the Boardroom Table- A Conversation with Carol Hansell and Gigi Dawe, Canada Climate Law Initiative