Submissions from 2016


A Study of the Costs of Legal Services in Personal Injury Litigation in Ontario: Final Report, Allan C. Hutchinson


Employment Standards Enforcement: A Scan of Employment Standards Complaints and Workplace Inspections and Their Resolution Under the Employment Standards Act, 2000, Leah F. Vosko, Andrea M. Noack, and Eric Tucker

Submissions from 2015


Collective Bargaining, Sara Slinn

Submissions from 2014

Comment on the Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill, 2013, Gus Van Harten

Submissions from 2013


Victim Privacy and the Open Court Principle, Jamie Cameron

Naming and Shaming: The Materiality and Disclosure of Human Rights Due Diligence, Cynthia A. Williams

Submissions from 2012


Addressing the Needs of Self-Represented Litigants in the Canadian Justice System, Trevor C. W. Farrow, Diana Lowe, Martha E. Simmons, Bradley Albrecht, and Heather Manweiller

Submissions from 2011

Powers and Functions of the Ombudsman in the PIPEDA: An Effectiveness Study, Lorne Sossin and France Houle

Submissions from 2010


Corporate Social Reporting Initiative - Report to Minister of Finance, Poonam Puri, Edward J. Waitzer, Kevin Ranney, and Michael Torrance

Submissions from 2009

Annotated Organized Crime Bibliographic Database and Report, Margaret E. Beare, Norm Taylor, James Sheptycki, and Margaret E. Beare

ADR in Canada: Courts and Administrative Tribunals, Trevor C. W. Farrow


International Mobility of Highly Skilled Workers in the Canadian Context: Tax Barriers and Reform Options, Jinyan Li


The Administration of Canada’s Transfer Pricing Rules: Issues and Recommendations, Jinyan Li, Pierre Barsalou, John Oatway, and François Vincent


Corporate Social Performance: Reporting Roundtable, Poonam Puri, Edward J. Waitzer, Kevin Ranney, and Michael Torrance

Submissions from 2008


A Model for Common Enforcement in Canada: The Canadian Capital Markets Enforcement Agency and the Canadian Securities Hearing Tribunal, Poonam Puri


Investment Provisions in Economic Partnership Agreements, Gus Van Harten


Policy Impacts of Investment Agreements for Andean States, Gus Van Harten

Submissions from 2007

Bankruptcy for the Poor?, Stephanie Ben-Ishai and Saul Schwartz

Educating Future Judges in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Assessment of Curriculum and Recommendations for Curriculum Development and Reform at the Judicial Academy, Trevor C. W. Farrow

The Unbearable Flexibility of the Statuto Albertino, Michael Mandel

Climate Law in Developing Countries: Measures to Promote a Low Carbon Economy while Promoting Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation, Benjamin J. Richardson

Submissions from 2006


Fairness at Work: Federal Labour Standards for the 21st Century, H. W. Arthurs

Enforcement, Criminality, Smuggling and Security, Margaret E. Beare

International Study of Anti-Organized Crime Agencies/Commissions, Margaret E. Beare

An Analysis of Gatekeeper Effectiveness in Canada, Stephanie Ben-Ishai

A Survey of Gatekeepers in Canadian Capital Markets, Stephanie Ben-Ishai

Possible Amendments to the Winding Up and Restructuring Act, Stephanie Ben-Ishai

Enforcing Security Interests and Money Judgements on Reserve, Stephanie Ben-Ishai and Kirk Goodtrack

Guide to the Mongolian Personal and Business Entity Income Tax, Neil Brooks

Costs and Benefits of Taxation: Comparing High- and Low-Tax Countries, Neil Brooks and Thaddeus Hwong

Copyright Ownership of Medical Data in Collaborative Computing Environments, Giuseppina D'Agostino, David Vaver, C. Hinds, and M. Jirotka


Patient Safety, Medical Error and Tort Law: An International Comparison, Joan M. Gilmour

Race Based Equality Arguments under the Charter: Is this Ground we want to break?, Sonia Lawrence

Chaoulli v. Quebec and the Future of Canadian health care: ‘Patient accountability’ as the "Sixth Principle" of the Canada Health Act,, Patrick Monahan


Tax Implications of Extending the Personal Scope of Federal Labour Standards, Lisa Philipps


The Role of Compliance in Securities Regulatory Enforcement, Poonam Puri and Mary Condon


The Regulation of Public Auditing in Canada and the United States: Self-Regulation or Government Regulation?, Poonam Puri and Adam C. Pritchard

Defining Boundaries: The Constitutional Argument for Bureaucratic Independence and Its Implication for the Accountability of the Public Service, Lorne Sossin

Expert Perspectives on Racial Profiling, Cynthia A. Williams

Report of the Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System, Cynthia A. Williams

Brownfields Civil Liability Relief: A Survey of Statutory Developments in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia., Stepan Wood

Submissions from 2005

Preliminary Examination of the Formal Application of the Criminal Organizations Provisions of the Criminal Code, Margaret E. Beare

Government Student Loans, Government Debts and Bankruptcy: A Comparative Study, Stephanie Ben-Ishai

Tax Freedom Day: A Flawed, Incoherent, and Pernicious Concept, Neil Brooks

The Share of Income Tax Paid by the Rich: The Business Press Gives Another Lesson on How to Deceive with Statistics, Neil Brooks

Commentaries and Recommendations on Drafting the Chinese Basic Tax Law, Jinyan Li, Michael Baum, and Patrick J. Monahan


Welfare Fraud: The Constitution of Social Assistance as Crime, Janet E. Mosher

Exploring Key Issues of Sex/Gender and Disability in Genomics, Roxanne Mykitiuk and Cheryl Cline


Enforcement Effectiveness in the Canadian Capital Markets, Poonam Puri

Alternative Models of Court Administration, Lorne Sossin, Carl Baar, and Robert Hann

Institutional Dimensions of Communications and Information Technology in Canadian law schools, Cynthia A. Williams

Governing Beyond Borders: Law For Canadians in an Era of Globalization, Stepan Wood

Cannabis as Therapy: Access and Regulation Issues for People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Legal, Ethical and Human Rights Perspective, Alan N. Young

Submissions from 2004

The Inherent Right of Self-Government: Emerging Directions for Legal Research, Kent McNeil


Une marche en terrain glissant, Janet E. Mosher


Walking on Eggshells: Abused Women's Experiences of Ontario's Welfare System, Janet E. Mosher

Reading the future: Legal and Ethical Challenges of Predictive Genetic Testing, Roxanne Mykitiuk, Trudo Lemmens, and Mireille Lacroix


A Rational Allocation of Responsibility Between Corporate & Securities Laws in Canada, Poonam Puri


The Hallmarks of Good Corporate Law: A Performance Evaluation of the Canadian Business Corporations Act, Poonam Puri

The Oversight of Executive Police Relations in Canada: The Constitution, the Courts, Administrative Processes and Democratic Governance, Lorne Sossin

The Views of Canadian Scholars on the Impact of the Anti-Terrorism Act, A Report Commissioned by the Government of Canada (March 31, 2004), James Stribopoulos

Submissions from 2003

Criminal Organizations and Their Activities in Canada: A Literature Review, Margaret E. Beare

Policing with a National Security Agenda, Margaret E. Beare

The Use of Public Interest Enforcement Powers by Securities Regulators in Canada, Mary G. Condon

Bijuralism in International Taxation, Jinyan Li

Exclusive Occupation and Joint Aboriginal Title, Kent McNeil

The Inherent Rights of First Nations to Self-Determination and Self-Government, Kent McNeil


The Role of Local and Regional Interests in the Design of Optimal Securities Regulatory Structure for Canada, Poonam Puri


A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Multi-Jurisdictional Disclosure System between Canada and the U.S., Poonam Puri and A. Sen

Dilemmas of Evaluation, Accountability and Politics: Contracting Out Social Services in Ontario, Lorne Sossin


Chapter 11 and the Francovich Doctrine: Comparing State Liability Under NAFTA and EC Law, Gus Van Harten

Requiem for Microcredit: the Decline of a Romantic Idea, Cynthia A. Williams

Crime Victims and Constitutional Rights, Alan N. Young

Submissions from 2002

Afghanistan: Detta krig ar olagligt och omoralik (Afghanistan: This war is illegal and immoral), Michael Mandel

The Implications of Parliament's Exercise of Section 91(24) Powers for the Inherent Right of Self-Government, Kent McNeil

Treaty Settlement Land Title and Jurisdiction: Legal and Constitutional Issues, Kent McNeil


The Charter and Health Care: Guaranteeing Timely Access to Health Care for Canadians, Patrick Monahan and Stanley H. Hartt


Genetic Services in Ontario: Mapping the Future, Roxanne Mykitiuk

The Legal Construction and Regulation of the Gendered Body and of Disability in Health Law and Policy, Roxanne Mykitiuk, Catherine Frazee, Michael Bach, and Joan Gilmour

Report on Consultations with NGO/CSO Representatives and with Researchers in Enugu and Benue States of Nigeria, Obiora Chinedu Okafor and C. Essien

The Legal Concept of Employment: Marginalizing Workers, Eric M. Tucker, Judy Fudge, and Leah Vosko

Land Use Planning and Housing Discrimination, Cynthia A. Williams

Submissions from 2001

Environmental Scan :Organized Crime in the Media, Margaret E. Beare and Juan Ronderos

Why Taxing Capital Gains is Good for the Tax System, the Economy and Tax Administration, Neil Brooks

Legal Framework for China's Basic Pension System, Jinyan Li

A Constitutional Right to Civil Legal Aid in Canada?, Mary Jane Mossman and Cindy Baldassi

Re-Thinking Access to Criminal Justice in Canada, Mary Jane Mossman and Patricia Hughes

Breakfast on the Hill, Lisa Philipps

Criminal Compensation in Canada: A Status Report, Alan N. Young

The Role of the Victim in the Criminal Process: A Literature Review - 1989 to 1999, Alan N. Young

Submissions from 2000

Alternative Approaches to Combating Transnational Crime, Margaret E. Beare

Suspicious Transaction Study: Referrals by Financial Institutions to the RCMP, Margaret E. Beare

Tax and Legal Issues Relating to Regulating Public Benefit Organizations, Neil Brooks

Gender on the Line: Technology, Restructuring and the Reorganization of Work in the Call Centre Industry, Policy Report, Ruth Buchanan and Sara Koch-Schulte


The Legal Regulation of Adult Personal Relationships: Evaluating Policy Objectives and Legal Options in Federal Legislation, Brenda Cossman and Bruce Ryder

Drug Policy, Richard Haigh

Report to the Law Society of Upper Canada: Review of Policy Options pertaining to the Regulation of Paralegal Service Providers in Ontario, Shelley M. Kierstead, John D. McCamus, and Patrick J. Monahan

A Report to the Law Society of Upper Canada: Review of Policy options pertaining to the Regulation of Paralegal Service Providers in Canada, John D. McCamus, Patrick J. Monahan, and Shelley M. Kierstead

The Lands and Trust Services Initiative: Its Potential Impact on the Federal Government's Fiduciary Obligations, Kent McNeil


Doing the Rules: An Assessment of the Federal Clarity Act in light of the Quebec Secession Reference, Patrick Monahan