Public & Private Securities Enforcement: Securing Recovery for Harmed  Investors

Hosted by Osgoode Hall Law School and the Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights (FAIR Canada), this conference brought together representatives of regulators, legal practitioners, academic experts and investor-focused policy commentators to discuss the complementary roles of public enforcement by securities regulators and private enforcement through securities class actions and other means.



Panel 1. Relationship Between Public Regulatory Enforcement and Private Securities Class Actions, Wendy Berman, James D. Cox, Adam Pritchard, and Joel Rochon

Panel 2. Investor Recovery Facilitated by Securities Regulators, Jean-François Fortin, Urska Velikonja, and Verity Winship

Panel 3. Jurisdictional Issues Involving Foreign Investors, Foreign Exchanges and Foreign Public Companies, Hannah Buxbaum, Larry Lowenstein, and Douglas Worndl

Panel 4. Harmed Investor, Speedy Recovery: Industry Funded Investor Compensation Funds, Shane Kukulowicz, Mark Neale, Louise Gauthier, and Robert Pouliot

Panel 5. The Impact of Whitsleblower Programs on Investor Recovery, Dominic Auld, Stephen L. Cohen, David Conklin, and Jordan Thomas

Panel 6. Achieving Efficient and Effective Settlements Under the OSC's New No-Contest Settlement Scheme, Anita I. Anand, Phillip Anisman, Stephen L. Cohen, and Kelly Gorman

Panel 7. Recovery for Investors Through Ombudservices, Sarah P. Bradley, Mercer E. Bullard, Sujatha Sekhar Naik, and Shane Tregillis